March 2015 Angel Card Monthly Reading

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Another miracle on me.

With my clinical experience, angel will tell me who need my services and I simply follow and listen as usual.  The young girl was sitting next to me and singing on the bus, it should be nice to have free music on my way home.  But suddently she stopped and one drop after another drop from her eyes-tear.  I closed my eyes and talked to my angel ” please smooth her…”

When I was just opening my eyes, my bus was urgently slow down on the slipy slope. I always like to sit near the front. I saw my bus was nearly crashing to the crossing island, and it might spin or turnover after the crashed. I didn’t have time to ask or say a word, but I saw the golden sparking wings in front of the bus, holding the bus.  Really, I mean I saw the bus was slowing down! …… by angel…..

The young girl was singing again and in fact talking happy on the phone with friends.

My human mind was asking myself, if the girl were suffering schizophrenia or liked my friend said ” you need rest, Ida.”  In the process of self doubt, a man was about to getting off suddently without any reason or explanation fellen down and rolled over.

Everything were happening at the same time and many things could happen.

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If we have so much love to pets, why not to those we meet everyday?

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2015 Annual Angel Card Reading

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Time to practice your plan

2015 Jan Angel Card Reading:

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“Joy” is on the way!

Happy new year 2015!!

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Apple and Doctor


Who offer the apple to Snow White?
Who ask Snow White to have the apple?

It is true that we should take back our own responsibility and tidy the mess by ourselves, basically, it is your own business. Open our hand when others are offering help, but don’t be as picky as ordering your suite on how the help should be. Share our tears share our difficulties to others, tell others that we need help as nobody knows or understands, of cause nobody has responsibility to help us.

We all know the nutrients and goodness from apple but still not many people follow. We all know the importance of healthy diet but we still love junk food.

Is it difficult to follow doctor’s instruction?

Sometimes I wonder nobody likes to listen to doctors but we still love to see them or compliant them. The most interesting is, apple and doctor are both well known and highly recognized of their benefits, we still not eating apple or following instruction.

To change the life requires determination and commitment. Listen and follow the advices.

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