2015 June Monthly Angel Card Reading

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2015 May Angel Card Monthly Reading

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How long can it last for?

When my friend ask me how long is butterfly’s lifespan, I couldn’t answer him it wasn’t because I got no clue but I was thinking “does it matter?”  

As human, we learn to ask forever, guarantee, long lasting, etc but human life is short, so many people spent their half lives in finding the “eternal” but by the time they noticed that they have been missed many peoples, opportunities, things, etc then what is the purpose of the life?

Butterfly is a tiny insect, not even credited by their function towards human, but they all dancing happily over flowers, spreading all sort of pollens between flowers.  Human doesn’t value them, flowers/plants don’t say a single word, but butterfly is still enjoying their life as much as they can.

“Human”, please live in the present moment, enjoy and cherish what really in front of you.  Don’t let regret happen nor sorry for missing out something.  Our human live is short either, love our lives, embrace our lives, our lives will love us unconditional!

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Love is simple

It is the sign from above.

You feel happy just because of small stuff.  Smile just only you see the white cloud.

You feel care just because of small matter.  Spreading the butter precisely.

You feel Angel’s wing blessing because of seeing another.   Only a short moment to share together it feels like lifetimes.

So much valuable, so gentle touch; it tastes like candy floss, it feels like Spring.


Healing Centre of HK@copyright

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Butterfly wisdom


Healing Centre of HK @ copyright  

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2015 April Angel Card Monthly Reading” on YouTube

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Chocolate biscuits

As energy healer, I believe a person has sweet teeth cause s/he can digest sweetness experiences.  In other words, many physical diseases are related to our emotion activities.

 Sometimes, I don’t want to serve in the elderly home, it is depressing and hopelessness to me.  Witness so many old people faced their final stages diseases or deteriation, and limited by so called resources  and procedures, oh one more ” human rights”, these are vomiting….

“Human rights” is the person has the right not to eat and let him/her fell unconscious after over hungry.  I never be a good team player as I always dipped some sweetness onto old people’s lips to let them lick it and taste the sweetness of life (instead of choking, if you are medical you will understand).  I think in my mind ” dignity” is far beyond human rights here.

We have such luxury lives nowaday all cause of people worked so hard previously, they are the beings in front of us!  Those who never throw us away when We cried in the middle of night caused of hungry or nightmare….. Everyone has had participated and given so much to the society, but what’s their returns??

My clients in my therapy room always asked me if there were really karma exist; if we worried about it why not go to do something to the old people in the world, any part of the world, any part of the society….. NOW?

If we can love a new born baby unconditional, we can love a pet/ animal unconditional, love the nature, please respect ourselves to put it into action, treat your own brothers/sisters, husband/wife, parents/children, friends…….. You don’t have to join voluntary work to visit others’ relatives, start something from your family, your situation…… 

Love the being who still alive today, cherish everything intead of magnifying the spots.

“You can bite the biscuit very soon.”


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