When Harry Met Vicky-A Fatal Attraction

A young Geordie copper Harry escapes war-ravaged post-war Britain in search of new opportunities and adventure. He gets lucky, is recruited by the Hong Kong Police Force, and enjoys the trappings of an expatriate lifestyle. In the hot and sweaty, smoked-filled bars of Wan Chai, he meets an attractive and vivacious Chinese dancing girl called Vicky, who escapes post-war China and the Communists in search of freedom, a new life, and love…

Harry and Vicky fall in love and marry, producing a boy and a girl. However, their past catches up on them and eats away at their love, only to end in disaster. In the end, Vicky was accused of but cleared of her husband’s murder. Vicky and her three children were given a second chance to start a new life in London, UK, surviving as a single parent in the difficult times of the early 1970s.

In finishing When Harry Met Vicky, author Peter Craggs has come full circle having returned to Hong Kong. Completing this research has given him a sense of completion and closure. He is proud to have had these two individuals as his parents. They have given him a childhood experience that only a few had in those times in the world and moulded him into the person he is today.

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