A Course In Miracles Unleashed DVD

When Harry Met Vicky-A Fatal Attraction, Peter Craggs

Evolve, Mark Abadi


With compliment, from the Healing Centre of Hong Kong

Greatest Love in Inner peace (Audio)

Master your heart (Audio)

Should I follow my heart or emotion? (Audio)

Guidance: Self Understanding (Audio)

(Free) Permission to use of these complementary audio script from the Healing Centre of Hong Kong.
If you wish to use any of my images on your website, you may if you give this credit & link under it (or on the page):

“Script by Healing Centre of Hong Kong “

( link Healing Centre of Hong Kong to )

If you wish to alter them for your purpose please contact me to discuss. Thanks.
Script must be delivered as presented on my site and not altered.
If you are unclear on this please E-mail ( me for clarity. I also love to know what you do once you are done. Please E-mail me the URL (web page address of where you used the script(s).



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