Monthly Enlightenment

We are dedicated to examine various spiritual materials in “Monthly Enlightenment“.

We understand there’s limited choice for spiritual books selection in HK, and the most funny thing happening in local bookstores is if they have the books that are all wrapping up (make sure they are warm in store !?) If you order through bookstores or online that you have to pay extra Air – Freight & Handling fee, we understand and experienced.

You wouldn’t buy a car without the test-drive.
You wouldn’t buy shoes without trying on.

What will you get in Monthly Enlightenment?

  • Extract of the selected spiritual book
  • Highlights of the selected spiritual book by Organizer or Invited Guest
  • Discussion and Q & A on the selected spiritual book
  • Super saved discount for pre-order and discount for buying on the spot

What’s the duration of the Monthly Enlightenment?

  • 7:30pm – 8:30pm (1-1.5 hr)
  • with 15 mins social time before the session start (first Monday of the month)

Do I have to pay in Monthly Enlightenment?

  • It’s all energy exchange. HK$50.00 per person (with concessionary rate, pls ask at the entrance)

What’s the etiquette of the Monthly Enlightenment?

  • Be punctual, as late comers may disturb the content and energy flow in the session
  • No commercial and any kinds of selling during the session (unless with the prior written approval from the organizer) or you can make use the 15 mins social time
  • Be open mind, respect and accept (not the same as dis/agree) others.

For more details, please email to  Thank you !


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