2012 Blessing Drawer

2012 Blessing Drawer2012-Blessing Drawer


2012 is the new page of the Earth, let’s create harmony, peace and love together, provide support and blessing to each other from here.

You are welcome to write down any names, issues or anything you would love to send positive energy into. I will put these into my daily prayer and send all those mentioned here with love and serenity, so let everything follow its divine order and allow everyone involved getting peace and love.

Please also invite your friends to join us together, to send the love within here safe and protected, to send love to Mother Earth, so let everyone benefit and in healthy, wealthy and happiness.

Action to take now:

1) Simply write down your wish, or “like” others’ wish to send them support and love.

2) Quiet your mind in a second (there’s no time limitation here) and say out loud or quiet in your mind “LOVE”

3) Put a smile on your face now


The time and procedure of sending love is not important, as God and Angels will receive our intention clearly, so allow Angels assisting, accept their help and ask for their unconditional love and support NOW; they are more than happy to help us, be with us.

Remember, we love and the Earth is full of our love now!

Thank you Angels

Join us at http://www.facebook.com/groups/#!/groups/267655053294459/


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