” Ida, thank you so much for such a great session, your motivation and your kindness. Much appreciation. ” — Jasmin Shum

” An interesting contemplation from an angle that I had not expected, which was useful for I focusing my perception and sharpening it at the same time and giving a deeper perception of the way things are. Also great chatting to Ida who is very smart and is a unique person to learn from! ” — Bryan Rajkumar

” Stepping in unexpected & empty glass, walking out with a champagne.. That’s what I felt! Thx Ida and new frens I met today, keep in touch ” — KaiLin

” A great experience in a relaxed environment with some interesting and accurate information. Ida is a lovely person with a good and friendly energy and it was a pleasure to meet her. ” — Bryan Rajkumar

” I had a great time! Thanks Ida and to d rest of the attendees, i had so much realizations! More power! Cant wait for d next session:-) ” — Margott

“ It is always a great to be in the centre as you can feel the serenity and peaceful feeling. The Angel Therapy session is great and I always receive good messages from the Angel’s card reading. Love the feeling being surrounded by Angels 🙂 ” — Jenny Liew

“A good and healthy way to remind myself to always stay on the positive side for good and to assist myself from clinging onto to the past shadows. Had a very good experience at my first meetup 🙂 ” — Sarah Yeung

“ loved it thanks to Ida for organising! ”— ben barnard

“ A place where guidence from the vibrations of the uiniverse to align our physical self and non-physical being.. this is true with the Arch Angel healing sessions. ” — Soni Yasaratne

“ helpful ”— Shizuko Price
“ It’s a great experience. I would definitely go again! ” — Bryan Rajkumar

“ cleansing and peaceful ” — Peter Craggs

“ It really changed my day!!! 🙂 ”— Sevinc Ilhan

“ Very friendly and open minded environment! Positive energy and encouragement are always present. Always following the flow, with mutual respect. Indeed that’s the perfect “tertulia”! ”— Amai-Hong Tran

“ Great!! ”— Donna

“ What a great idea…. thanks for sharing your energy, Ida!! ”— Millie

“ Keep it up Ida! many more lights trying to find their journey ”— Soni Yasaratne

“ I got good messages which are very helpful. Gentle healing when I was receiving, however I found it was pretty strong enery afterwords, Thank you so much Ida. ”— Chika

“ Tremendous to find people who understand there is sooooo much more in the Universe and that the spiritual practices all enable such growth and meeting with people of like mind is as spring rain to a season’s new growth. Thank-you all again simply for being. ”— Vonnie

“ Harmony energy around us, thank for all sharing, nice message card and cookies. ^_^ ”— Don Wong

“ I found the Psychic Group Reading and Healing very useful. Ida and her angels are warm and open. And it’s great that there are spiritual beings in the universe that want the best for our personal and spiritual development. Many thanks Ida! ”— Andy Pozzoni

“ Organisers had done excellent preparation for the meeting. Deeply appreciated.”—Victor fung

“ Good ”— Lisa Mok

” A great experience leaving us with positive and uplifting feelings with guided assistance from the Angelic realm! ” — Bryan Rajkumar

“ The messages come in so many ways and Ida with her special style sets a scene that fosters and enables the higher consciousness to flower. Tremendous to meet you all. Thanks for your sharing and openness. ”— Vonnie

” Good as alway. Thank you all angels and special Ida. Love, Som ” —( ) Parichat

” It was a great sharing session! And the right messages were just popping out at the right moment 🙂 ” — Amai-Hong Tran


One Response to Testimonial

  1. Alysa says:

    Its really an awakening sharing and happy conversation, it touches my deep thoughts, thanks Ida for being there 🙂

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