Cantonese teacher 

“How many people can afford to have coffee in daytime? Who are these people?”

It was so interesting statement that she said that in my class, and I am so much wanna to tell her ” You and I are sitting here now.”  

However, the culture here is still not widely accepted “flexi” work or home office, etc.  it is a kind of reflection on another perspective.  A middle aged widow, without any so call ” diploma” for her education and recently lost her job due to ” long term services” ( it means expensive here), and she has been living abroad and good at both Chinese and English.  May be teaching a native language to her is not challenging enough and for sure a miles away from previous wages.  Her experience teaches her that “hard working” is the key but in terms of controversial way, such as being an employee, working 9-5 daily, only few days holidays after few months ( as too much work).

One hand, I admire many people that they committed to their works and willing to sacrifice their personal time; but I wonder if there’s “identity crisis” too.  She is spontaneous and energetic, compare to me, ten years younger, I walk and talk slow……. observe the things slowly.  I enjoy every moment.

Sometimes, quick action is good but how much information are really stay and understand?

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