Bunny Talk

​This bunny has an open wound under her right eye from the day. Her senses and interestes are migrating.  It takes time for her to adjust to her body, as her abscess has eaten up half of her head bone, at the same time, the nasty abscess is suppoorting her eye balls and features, but sooner, all bone could be dissolved……

It is sad indeed, luckily, we can afford to have her head scan which gives more info than x-ray; operation is the only way, but her complication is 4 sides of teeth has been affected, it means 4 operations, and possibly loss both eyes for the operations.  

However, her life could also be lost in operation theater, too; due to the high  risk of blood loss (no rabbit’ blood donor or storage in HK).

Given the above conditions, this little lady still happpily live as who she is, cherishs all the veg, fruit, seeds and nuts. For sure, she always running to me for hugging and stroking.  We dont know how long can it last, but one thing is gurantee as same as human, we all getting older day by day and then review our lives before we join on the rainbow bridge again.  She doesnt struggle for life, in fact, she enjoys every moment, we learn so much from this little iron lady.  Rabbit life is fragile, but she is tough. We human has the highest power to control the world but we are very fragile.

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