Why do we “pay” for the freedom?

Airbus 380 is always the best! Well equipped with shower facilities and the lovely staff always waiting me outside to ensure my safety.   You can always get the piece of peace and wipe off any previous order by simply closing your door.  Simple and nothing about luxury actually.

I choose to go down and walk from front to the end and first thing to blow my mind out was the “air”! In such poor ventilation and full of continuous noise, how could you have “rest” and recharge before your arrival?  I walked to the middle and felt dizzy, carried on and feeling lack of air…… But at the same time, I saw ppl were sleeping and talking over, either they were excited or tired, all happened in a mixed cocktail.  My eyes couldn’t see anything more and only “exit” to walk to the front “oh, staircases!” I known I were “home”.

There were only 4 people including me, I could hear my own heart beat and even a needle drop if there were any.  I closed my door and I asked myself, “where am I and where was I? ” Why such simple and basic needs has to pay for?  Without the contrast, you would never aware that “life is simply” to have nothing!?  What is simple life?

The world is trying to define “luxury” in simple way, and people are fighting for luxury but poor quality stuff!  But do we aware that all the simple and basic stuff should be free of values and everyone should entitle of it?  Fresh air is not luxury and we shouldn’t pay for overcrowd too!?

Time to rethink.

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