Who are you?  Who am I?

There are thousands of masks available in the world, some are amazing which cannot stop my eyes and head fixing to it; while some are pushing people away and it feels like “caution” is on. Moreover, the most interesting mask in the world is a kind of ugly or even scary types but very popular in the market, I am sure it might receive the highest ” like” on social media!

It is interesting to that we can see the mask is not beautifully attractive to people and we absolutely understand that doesn’t help us to attract anybody for anything, BUT many people are wearing it. In fact, it is just so uncomfortable to wear it but extreamtly awful to take it off too!?

What? Yes, the human nature cause us to create a comfort zone which to feel good in some level for some reason; the comfortbility was discounted in the beginning while the chemical reaction between the person and magic mask enhance the comfort zone in terms of ” habit”. It just like when there is cosmetic doesn’t require to remove and further to boost up your skin regeneration, sounds good; but it is only a habit to keep it on or remove it.  

When there are many dogs wearing cute animals clothes on, sooner, I confused what the animals is! Who are you!?

Well…. Who am I?

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