Teachers along the path

Teacher is professional but they are not God.
In this Earth experience, human set up many rules or create a long list of norms. I believe they all serve the purpose and there’s course, it is only again how does ” human” to exercise them?

Sometimes I wonder if the toddlers can still remember me after the even such an amazing and fun playgroup session. Obviously we all know mostly it is the case that parents remember you :). But it is purely because baby has no memory?

Memory start from our senses development, and there are many research found that there’s memory started even as foetus within mother. Then it makes human experiences interesting. When we are little we can easily pick up the lessons and move on from the events, while adult cannot.

When there’s no concept of ” authority” or ” hierarchy”, people are easier to move on as they hold less burden in their lives? Many people devoted themselves to follow someone, it represents” loyalty” or ” true love”, ” purity”…… But is it the way to prove to our OWN self or towards others?

Over 20 clinical experiences of psychological counselling, I am exercising to be the one who may be very important to someone at some point but I also truly remember my duty is to empower the person to live in the way of dignity and empowerment. In fact I hope my client truly remember my words during the session and his/her experience I went along with, the most important is “you make it not me”.

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