Spiritual Path

“Spirituality” is just like “Romance” .
People already experienced that they will tell you it is the way towards true happiness.  But otherwise,  full of pain, hurt, frustration or even anger.

When we first newly meet a girl we find her nice and sweet; may be full of fantasy by hearing thousands of others stories.  It is fascinated to have a girl to be with.  To go to hike or cook in the kitchen, sound nice. 

We probably decided to make a small move, start a conversation to understand more and ask more questions to know her deeper.  Later typical romance story is about “prince and princess live happily then”.

When we get involve a relationship is in your own will and decision, how deep you want to go into and how much you would like to sacrifice for her…….  the girl never ask you to do that but when you found out the girl still need to satisfy her basic needs, also has her own emotion and opinion, world change.

Arguments, discussions and may be struggling for the commitment.   You may regret for all your investment on her, all the valuable time and years you spent with, all the matters you sacrificed for her….  all become a good reason to start the fire.

Who ask you to love the girl without loving yourself? Who ask you to loss the balance and loss yourself?

When we committed into a relationship or a job, there’s a logical mind to help you to balance the whole life.  It may be “Romantic” to jump into a relationship completely without a thought, but you can’t change your career without a contingency plan.

To love and maintain a relationship is requiring a lot of time and patience, respect is essential.  To start/change a career/life path, is similar, to start it gradually and elevating the result step by step.  Patient to handle burdens or obstacles ahead; balance the needs of being a human and soul; humble to learn along the process as life is experience and we have to learn to start  and create something from zero that confident and at ease to pause and stop when the situation is not favorable.

We can’t force a girl to love someone and force the spiritual path as your ideal way, but it must be happened as the best way.

Jump into a relationship or completely change the live style is not “brave” or satisfied the ego; but brave to pause and step back sometimes are the truth to live on the spiritual path.



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