Last Full Moon in 2013

Full moon is always the best time to release our old energies, have a cleansing ceremony and recharge.  With the effect of the gravity and magnetic field changes during full moon, some people will be more sensitive to the changes no matter they are awared the reason of being sensitive, or some people even least effect on the surface.  Since human is made up by >75% of liquid-water, the universal gravitivity will also applies to human or animals.  It is easier to notice cats’ and wolfs’ extraordinary behaviour.
This full moon is not the super full moon but it is the last one before we enter 2014.  Again 2014 is not a special year but this full moon, 2013 and 2014 are all unique as they will no longer exist once we passed the moment.  So to enjoy a fruitful future, it is the greatest time to Release the PAST and BEING.
I have mentioned the Life Review Journal exercises in different occasions and this time, i will explain it into details so that you can follow.  If you have busy schedule which cannot afford to have life review, 2013 review? 2013 Emotion Review? 2013 Relationship Review? 2013 Abundance Review? etc.
If you really have so much engagement or appointment, not even able to sit down and quiet for at least ONE hour, then you only have to spend 10 second to answer this “ Do you love yourself? Are you truly want to change your life?” be honest to the answer and follow the first idea pop out; it doesn’t require any analysis.

Your favorite pencil and favorite pen
A piece of plain white paper (A4size)
Wear comfortable and sit comfortable
A glass of water (at least 250ml)

Step 1:
Start from left to right applied for both left or right handed.
Start by using the pencil.
Take a deep breath, call in the Archangel Michael to protect you in the process, imagine the pure sparkling white light shining firm above to you and surrounding you.

Step 2:
Write out “Thank you 2013” on left header, imagine it will be divided into

3 columns.

Step 3:
A small paragraph of your intention of writing this review. No longer than 50 words.

Step 4:
The 1st column is for writing out the object/main points of the events/ feeling towards the matters or person.
You can start by chronically order or by task/ by person
Drink water – don’t try to skip this

Step 5:
Finished whole column on the left before you start 2nd column.
Write out your feeling towards each item you wrote on 1st column
Drink water – don’t try to skip it

Step 6:
Use your favorite pen to put a mark next to each sentence you in 2nd column.
Put a “tick” represent you are ready to release now.
Put a “circle” represent it required a bit of time to digest.
Drink water again – breath!

Step 7:
Read your paragraph written under the big headling “Thank You 2013”
Re- visit to those sentences with circle.
To understand everything happened with their reasons and always something for us to learn-as a good modeling or negative modeling. 
We may not able to understand everything and even out of answer for “WHY”, but keep the faith and trust there must be part of the lessons for my great future.
So, say “Thank you” to all those “ticks” & “circles”.

Step 8:
Fold up the paper to cover 1st left column, so you are only able to see middle column and space on the right hand side of the paper.
Drink water and take deep breath in/out.
This time allow Angel send you the rainbow light and you can breath that in at the same time.

Step 9:
Use your favorite pen to write out what do you want in 2014, what kind of change regarding to each sentence you wrote in the middle column.
Be specific and concrete examples which you will/can practice in reality.
Eexample: “Be happy/ smile more” is not enough, mark it clearly how to think to make myself feel differently and then i will happy /smile.

Step 10:
You did a good job!
Drink more water. It is to allow the water bring all these positive ions in your brain and heart to your entire body. If you were feeling charged and joyfully then you can also imagine the rainbow light from the above is showering you, allow yourself to stay in the fantasy for a while. How will you dance in this rainbow shower?

Step 11:
Fold up the middle column to let it only show the last column.
Great!  you have completed the exercise and ready for further self development.
Either you can stick up this folding paper in your altar or put it in side your personal journal.

It’s a simple and handy exercise, have you done it? Or you still keep it as your own cognitive processing in your brain?  only experience can prove to yourself if it is suitable to you. 

Be Focus, take Action and Believe it, “FAB” is the tips to success.

Love to receive your feedback and excite to guide you through.  Ida x

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