Dream is not sitting in your head, let it become your life direction

When I was little, I read Sherlock Holmes then I wished to be detective one day.  When I was little, I joined the choir then I wished to be cellist one day.  When I was little, I always sick and Angel is the only friend that I could talk to.  From my childhood, I know my life is different from majority people but I never wish to become one of the others.  In fact, I have so much time to think “Who am I?”

I was inspired by Helen Adam Keller, thank you for my guidance in those days.  With all those limitation, Helen allowed herself to live as the best and let her dream became true.  I gave up the idea to find out why did I choose to come to this family, I put whole energy to find “Who am I?”  Although, I couldn’t understand why did people behave in different ways, it strongly told me “What do I like/ dislike.”  Lucky enough, my first cello teacher who was the lady that was unusual in those days.  Then I accept it finally, “I don’t have to be the same as the others.”

This commercial video clip is short but fully illustrated the “DREAM” and have the passion to let our dream become reality even majority do not understand you.  We live for our dreams that is because we love it, if you can give it up easily, that is fantasy/ day-dream.  No matter how difficult or how rocky the road that will be, my eyes only focus on my dream and let it shine.  Yes, to live in the way which you really want may required a lot of courage and strong to be as you have nothing to follow or copy, sounds scary?  But, remember as a little child, we always love to run in random path on the grassland without any guidelines too, and we love that and so much fun!  To enjoy the real freedom it required courage and passion towards your dream.

Hope my story and this video clip not only made you tears but really “Believe in your dream”.  Enjoy.

Believe in your dream

“Don’t be afraid, I am always here with my arms open for you.”

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