Intellectual disability

According to the latest DSM 5-TR , ID is the corrected terms to describe the disabilities now.  IQ score seems dominant the human lives for many centuries. 20 years ago EQ was the “trendy” term to apply and I was one of the  beneficial to dig my first treasure box.  Later, we talked a lot AQ, CQ …. and even nowadays SQ(Spiritual score).

Well, apart from criticize the measurement of SQ, otherwise it is long enough to write another DSM!  I do interest to know the meaning of SQ.  Same as IQ here, a person will be classified as “abnormal” when the IQ is above or below the norms.  In the sense that, when a person shown an extremely high or super low SQ, poor “guru” and “OMG-fundamental layman”~~ either direction is “abnormal”

Funny enough to say “Spiritual Disability”  and clearly to see the inborn ability/intuitive -“genetic” in psychology and practice/experience -“learn” in psychology. 

Ok DSM5, you totally win by “unspecified”, yes better than NOS.  SFreud would like to give feedback instead of Frank i think.

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