When you feeling “funny” ~~

The differences among the beings are only in physical forms.  When you are focus and connect to your core, we all are love and from the same source.
Culture is a big part of our behavious and reflecting our values which strongly influenced and/or affected by histories.
“Awareness” is a tricky friend.  our eyes are located at the front, so most of the cases we are at ease to figure out others funny being and/or the behavious presented on the surfaces; unless we used our mind’s eyes to view our own inner.  So this tricky friend required time to build friendship and we need time for ourselves to process “self-awareness”.
It is easy to attend classes, seminars, talks for self development and they are always a fantastic way to invest for ourselves.  Again, we are all unique and individual beings, nobody is the same as you, even 2 identical twins.  Follow up and refelction could not be missed or it will turn into a field full of weed- even you have installed the most advanced machines in your field.  And without doubt, blindly copy is only the presented behavious which is miles away from “self-awareness”.
At the end, we will join and meet again, relax and enjoy the journey on the Earth.

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