Signs from above

There are so many signs sending to us everyday, every moment, but we used to ignore them or leave it… (for later) Or, people may not understand your “Sign” sharing, don’t worry, we totally accept and exciting to hear your experiences sharing, any signs from above and miracles happened on you, share with us. We all know, there’s no such thing call “impossible” so come and share with us!

It’s an online radio programme (

Do you know your Life Purpose? Why are we here? Who am I? Have you ever hear a loud noise which enable you escape from the accident just in time? Have you ever see Feather with no reason? Have you ever found Coins in nowhere? Rainbows, numbers, Angels’ names, etc They all turn up WITH reason and IT’S THE MESSAGES FOR YOU! In this Weekly episode, we’ll share these signs and I’m happy to hear your experiences too! The episode will be deliveried in English and/or Cantonese (mandarin, if requested).
For those who interested for private reading please email to, all content is strictly confidential.
For further enquiries, please email to, thank you.

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