“Better than..”

What is batter than another?


Life is simple when there’s no comparison;
Life is simple when you focus on your service.

Fear in the right amount can be a great motivator, but when the “fear” becomes part of the life, you cannot live without it or you need “more fear” to maintain the “motivation”.

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Romance Angel Psychic Reading

They are “Soulmate” where’s yours?
Healing Centre is pleased to provide Angel Card reading and Angel Therapy specific for Romance relationship in special offer. From now to 11/11, you will receive all the blessing from your Angels!


Click “like” in our Facebook PAGE, you will receive 1 pic of your Romance Angel Reading;
“Follow” in our website, you will receive the Romance Angel Reading with interpretation.

The personalized Romance Angel Psychic Reading can be done through Skype (live), private YouTube (pre recorded video), free phone (smart phone user only), please email to info.healingcentre@gmail.com.

Angels are waiting you to listen to them now!

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Doesn’t it beautiful?
It doesn’t matter whether you will take it or not, it is about how do we appreciate life.
It reminded me about my experiences of serving in Findhorn, full of love and graceful !


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Think out of the box

I love cupcake as many people do, but somehow I don’t want to present a “creamy” mouth in front of my love one…..
Here’s the tips from Foodie magazine.

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Wherever you are, it is out there.

Time will not wait for anyone, then what are you waiting now?


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2014 10 Angel Card Monthly Reading

2014 10 Angel Card Monthly Reading:

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Evolution on history

It is always the cycle of behavior to express their internal dialogue, it is not about culture but happening around the world.
We are all the one, light is always shinning inside everybody, love and faith is always the Truth.

Without the content, people created a beautiful picture, it shows the best quality of individual!

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