Evolution on history

It is always the cycle of behavior to express their internal dialogue, it is not about culture but happening around the world.
We are all the one, light is always shinning inside everybody, love and faith is always the Truth.

Without the content, people created a beautiful picture, it shows the best quality of individual!

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Love is in the air.


There’s nothing to be afraid of, open your heart and let it shine; there’s only space for Love.  Namaste.

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Sept 2014 Angel Card Monthly Reading” on YouTube

Enjoy the Sept Reading

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2014-08 Angel Card Monthly Reading

Full of action and moving forward, there’s no time for you to remain inside the old and uncomfortable shell.
Come on! 

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What do you truely want?


I heard many people share with me that they want true happiness, inner peace, simple live…..

Everytime, i also noticed that mostly people do not appreciate the nature enough.  They will compliant about nothing to do at home, not much to see to sit on grassland, nobody to chat during dinner, etc.

Whatever reasons, spend time “alone” and able to enjoy the moment till the feeling transformed from “lonely” to “self love & freedom”, and able to master your “want” by not trying to fulfill others.

Enjoy and make a commitment now.

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E Q…

It has been mentioned in various fields or books…..  I prefer to speak in a direct and simple “emotion management”
It doesnt cost a lot to study another management course, but simply we can learn , in fact it is life long learning, how to manage/maintain our emotion.  We cannot control the feeling but the way we react and interpretation can be learnt to express in a constructive way.
Again, nobody has responsibility to take up your mess, yr saddness or bitterness, and you have full responsibility in allowing your emotion to swing.


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What do you want?


You are given whatever you ask.

So many times when I was in desperate situation, Angel send me love, hope, abundance and comfort.  We called it “miracles” but everytime instead of the unexpected happiness, i asked myself “what do i really want?”

Yes, miracle is become part of my live since i determined to serve and follow the guidance from above; then what do i really need in this life time?

I always buy a pack of candy from a man on the street; father of a 13 yrs old  boys, a man selling candies in Causeway Bay near Sogo, yes a man trapped on the wheelchair for life.

Instead of asking Angel for what do we want, please ask Angel “how can I serve better today?” ♡

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